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What are NFTs and why do they matter?

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are taking the world by storm and you should probably start paying attention. It is the newest craze in crypto, which can be confusing to wrap your head around, but it could possibly hold the most utility in this landscape so far.

NFTs are essentially unique tokens that prove individuality. Unlike with cryptocurrency where one Bitcoin holds the same value as another Bitcoin, NFTs are something completely on their own. They are stored digitally on the blockchain and promote the culture of uniqueness.

Long and strong

It’s almost time again for the U.S. markets to open for the week. As usual, we have some offshore trade ideas to help you prepare for the week ahead. Mostly, our ideas this week are bullish, as the U.S. market is staying long and strong. Just remember, as always, that stop losses save lives. So make sure you manage your risk before anything else.

Wall Street bets

Perhaps not as exciting or even nearly as recklessly speculative as the trades that come from the now notorious Wall Street bets subreddit, but still some trade ideas on U.S. listed equities. Unlike the Wall Street bets subreddit, we want to remind and encourage you to make use of very strict risk management. Always use a stop loss and always ensure that you are not taking more exposure that what you can reasonably afford. That said, here are some of our offshore trade ideas for this week.

U.S. trade ideas

Keeping things simple and to the point, here are a few of our U.S. trade ideas. Please note that we post the majority of our ideas and research in our client community. These U.S. trade ideas, among others, were posted earlier today for our clients before sharing them here.

Brrrrrr! Christmas is coming!

2020 was wild. In fact, it was a good lesson in accepting the true unpredictability of not only markets, but the world itself. It also further cemented one cardinal truth… you can’t fight the Fed. Especially when good ol Jerome has a Santa hat on and is shouting “Brrrrrr! Christmas is coming!”.

It’s been a while since we’ve put out some US trade ideas. Don’t chase them and make sure you stick to the stop losses.

Avoiding the US election

The election is just one week away and we recommend staying light into the election and making decisions post-election results, even if we have to pay up a bit in case of good news, or just stay on the sides in the case of bad news. There is no edge in trying to figure out an election result for a trader.

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