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Trading is serious business and our community of traders takes it very seriously. Our traders work hard to constantly improve their trading and we work hard to support and guide them in a safe and responsible manner.

Our traders get:

HCA trading community

Share ideas with other traders in a supportive, but serious community.

Reliable trading platforms

Access to a variety of the most capable and reliable trading apps and platforms.

Well priced trading fees

Our brokerage account options helps both traders and investors reduce costs.

Global market access

Trade in almost any instrument, market and country around the world.

Guided trading

Learn in a focused environment and receive advice and guidance from professional traders.

Entrepreneurial mindset

We keep pushing the boundaries of what a brokerage service should be, and keep finding new ways to help our clients succeed.

The HCA trading community is a team environment for traders who are serious about markets. We share ideas and learn from each other. We push each other to work harder and to keep improving by consistently evaluating our own individual and collective performance. We identify what we each are good at and what we are not, and we focus on improving on our key strengths while working to eliminate our weaknesses. Trading financial markets successfully requires a keen focus on process and the support and cooperation of a team. Our team of traders strive to constantly learn and improve their trading by leveraging off each other in an harmonious team environment. 
Herenya Capital Advisors strives to support both investors and traders with the tools, services and structures that they need in order to successfully navigate markets. These requirements often go beyond the scope of just great trading platforms and fee structures and include everything from tax efficient structures to house investment or trading accounts, to private equity investments and professionally structured investment portfolios. 

How we help:

Structured porfolios

We help investors construct long-term investment portfolios that meet their investment objectives.

Long-term thinking

We think opportunistically about the future and build portfolios that are forward looking in nature.

Offshore investment

Great investment opportunities exist everywhere and we seek them out around the globe.

Tax structuring

We help protect your wealth by helping you house it in the right structures and in the right places.

Tax administration

Our tax consultant and Registered Tax Practitioner is uniquely positioned to aid investors and traders with a variety of tax services.

Offshore transfers

Send and receive foreign currency internationally, quickly, easily and cost effectively.

We share some of the trade ideas generated within our HCA trading community. Trade ideas here are generated from the collaboration between our strategists, traders and clients. We also share tax insights for traders and investors, as well as, general news and updates from team.

Weekly game plan

Stay on top of what our HCA trading community is looking out for and planning to trade at the beginning of each week.

International outlook

From time to time we share some of the ideas that our strategists generate in the global market arena.

Tax insights

Useful insights to help you stay on top of and efficiently manage your tax affairs.


View and download educational presentations that we have made.

From the daily stock market podcasts we think are worth listening too, to the specific market indicators that we watch and the curated twitter feeds that only show what is really important. These are the resources that you should be making use of every day.

Twitter feeds

Twitter is noisy. Stay on top of what’s important with our curated twitter feeds.


Three daily podcasts that keep you in the loop.

Market data

The most important market indicators in one place.


Embedded TradingView charting, because it's awesome.

Dancing close to the door

It’s been a bit of a bumpy ride these last few weeks and there are many mixed signals around. Thus, we are trying to hold our opinions rather loosely and stay willing to change our minds whenever new evidence emerges that might contradict our views. Dancing close to the door is what we are constantly reminding ourselves of, as we might have to bail on some of our ideas rather quickly if our views turn out to be wrong. That said, let’s look at some trade ideas.

Read More »

Short and sweet

We’re keeping it short and sweet this week, as we think that is likely the right positioning on DM indices right now.

Read More »

Staying flexible

Staying flexible in your views and convictions is a vital skill if you plan to survive in markets for a long time. At the end of the day, being right or wrong hardly matters. Being able to change your mind when you are wrong and remain convicted when you are right is really the only skill that deserves to be trained.

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The first step to trading successfully is learning how to do it responsibly.

Every week we publish some of our trade ideas on various markets, including Bitcoin. We try to keep our blog posts educational and insightful. If you would like to learn more about financial markets in a responsible and risk averse way, please sign up on on this mailing list.

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