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The HCA trading community is a team environment for traders who are serious about markets. We share ideas and learn from each other. We push each other to work harder and to keep improving by consistently evaluating our own individual and collective performance. We identify what we each are good at and what we are not, and we focus on improving on our key strengths while working to eliminate our weaknesses. Trading financial markets successfully requires a keen focus on process and the support and cooperation of a team. Our team of traders strive to constantly learn and improve their trading by leveraging off each other in an harmonious team environment. 

Our traders get:

HCA trading community

Share ideas with other traders in a supportive, but serious community.

Reliable trading platforms

Access to a variety of the most capable and reliable trading apps and platforms.

Well priced trading fees

Our brokerage account options helps both traders and investors reduce costs.

Global market access

Trade in almost any instrument, market and country around the world.

Guided trading

Learn in a focused environment and receive advice and guidance from professional traders.

Entrepreneurial mindset

We keep pushing the boundaries of what a brokerage service should be, and keep finding new ways to help our clients succeed.

Start trading with Herenya

Open your trading account, join our team and start taking trading as seriously as it should be
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