Herenya Capital Advisors is a specialised brokerage firm that is primarily focused on providing investors and traders with the support they need to be successful. We understand that trading stock markets is not an easy endeavor and therefore we work hard to provide our clients with the information, systems, support and community that they need in order to trade successfully. There is no pretence that trading is easy and the truth is that there are any shortcuts to successful trading. Therefore, we encourage our clients to not only approach trading responsibly, but also to keep self-evaluating and learning from their results. We leverage the knowledge, experience and skill of our strategists and specialists in order to add value to our clients and their individual journey’s in financial markets.

We work with our clients as a team. This means we share knowledge, information, tools and ideas freely in our client focused community. We also provide traders with the best possible trading platforms and fee structures to meet their individual needs. 

  • Pro Trader account:  Trading and investment account that grants traders access to local and global markets in a cost effective Rand denominated account.
  • Low cost CFD account: High frequency trading account that grants traders access to only local equity CFDs with brokerage rates between 40% and 70% lower than market standard rates.
  • Interactive Brokers (Offshore) account: Pure offshore low cost trading and investment account that grants traders and investors access to global markets, with the ability to trade over 100 000 products on 36 exchanges in 26 countries, in one foreign currency denominated offshore account.
  • Foreign Currency Account (FCA): Offshore transfers at 0.50% currency conversion brokerage rate with same day clearance, as well as access to trade Forex Options, Futures and Forwards.

All active HCA trading clients gain access to our HCA trading discord server in which we discuss markets, share ideas and foster a team environment in order to tackle markets with the right information, the right plan and from the right side, at the right time. 

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Herenya Capital Advisors strives to support both investors and traders with the tools, services and structures that they need in order to successfully navigate markets. These requirements often go beyond the scope of just great trading platforms and fee structures and can include everything from tax efficient structures to house investment or trading accounts, to private equity investments and professionally structured investment portfolios. 
  • Structured portfolios:  Our market strategists aid long-term investors with constructing both local and offshore equity portfolios that assist them with meeting their unique investment objectives.
  • Tax consulting: Our specialist tax consultant and Registered Tax Practitioner is uniquely positioned to aid investors, traders and corporates with a variety of tax consulting services.

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About our founder

Petri Redelinghuys is a trader and the founder of Herenya Capital Advisors with experience in various professional day trading firms, niche asset management and hedge fund firms and brokerages. Petri is a regular contributor to Finweek, Investors Monthly and various other forms of financial related media including regular radio and television interviews on KykNet, SAFM and more.

Together with our team, Petri holds a strong belief that continuous learning and a mixture between creative and logical thinking is the key to successful trading and investing. Through the years, Petri has learned that successful trading is a product of self-awareness, self-discipline and being a part of a focused trading team. 

Thus, Petri founded Herenya Capital Advisors in order to create the professional trading environment that provides the guidance and support structure focused on continuous learning that traders require to attain and maintain peak performance.

Petri Redelinghuys Herenya Capital Advisors HCA trading

Origin of the name

The word “Herenya” has come a long way over many years with the firm’s founder, Petri Redelinghuys. During his high school years, Petri had read rather a lot of JRR Tolkien novels and had, ever since then, been planning on building an empire around the word “Herenya”. Very simply, and perhaps rather embarrassingly, “Herenya” means Wealthy” in Elvish. Herenya Capital Advisors is therefore the foundation, or corner stone, of what will eventually grow into the Herenya Group of companies. Petri has large ambitions, and the word “Herenya” encompasses those ambitions of building lasting wealth.

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The first step to trading successfully is learning how to do it responsibly.

Every week we publish some of our trade ideas on various markets, including Bitcoin. We try to keep our blog posts educational and insightful. If you would like to learn more about financial markets in a responsible and risk averse way, please sign up on on this mailing list.

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