Herenya Capital Advisors is a specialised stockbroking and asset management firm, built from the ground up by real market traders. Our primary focus is providing investors and traders with the support they need to be successful. We understand that trading stock markets is not an easy endeavour and therefore we work hard to provide our clients with the information, systems, support and community that they need in order to trade successfully. There is no pretence that trading is easy, and the truth is that there are any shortcuts to successful trading. Therefore, we encourage our clients to not only approach trading responsibly, but also to keep self-evaluating and learning from their results. We leverage the knowledge, experience and skill of our strategists and specialists in order to add value to our clients and their individual journeys in financial markets.

Multiple award winning brokerage

We are very grateful and proud to have been recoginsed as one of the leading stockbroking firms in South Africa. We are focused and motivated and will continue to work hard to raise the standards clients can expect from the stockbroking and online trading industry. 

About our founder

Petri Redelinghuys is a trader and the founder of Herenya Capital Advisors with experience in various professional day trading firms, niche asset management and hedge fund firms and brokerages. Petri is a regular contributor to various forms of financial related media.

Together with our team, Petri holds a strong belief that continuous learning and a mixture between creative, logical and critical thinking is the key to successful trading and investing. Through the years, Petri has learned that successful trading is a product of self-awareness, self-discipline and being a part of a focused trading team. 

Thus, Petri founded Herenya Capital Advisors in order to create the professional trading environment that provides the guidance and support structure focused on continuous learning that traders require to attain and maintain peak performance.

Origin of the name

The word “Herenya” has come a long way over many years with the firm’s founder, Petri Redelinghuys. During his high school years, Petri had read rather a lot of JRR Tolkien novels and had, ever since then, been planning on building an empire around the word “Herenya”. Very simply, and perhaps rather embarrassingly, “Herenya” means Wealthy” in Elvish. Herenya Capital Advisors is therefore the foundation, or corner stone, of what will eventually grow into the Herenya Group of companies. Petri has large ambitions, and the word “Herenya” encompasses those ambitions of building lasting wealth.

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