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Welcome to Herenya Capital Advisors, your trusted partner in global asset management and managed investments. Our firm specializes in expert portfolio management, providing tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Discover our two flagship portfolios: the Herenya Strategic Opportunities Portfolio and the Herenya Global Long-term Portfolio. Whether you’re navigating opportunities in the local South African market or seeking diversification on a global scale, our team is equipped with the knowledge and resources to guide you towards your investment objectives in portfolio management and managed investments.

Herenya Strategic Opportunities Portfolio (South African Portfolio)

Unlocking Unconventional Strategies for Superior Returns

While traditional investment funds often adhere to either momentum or value trading, Herenya Strategic Opportunities Fund operates in a league of its own, leveraging unconventional methodologies to achieve exceptional returns.

In contrast to the common approaches of trading what’s currently in vogue or seeking undervalued stocks, Herenya embraces a diverse landscape of market dynamics to gain a strategic edge. Our portfolio managers employ proprietary techniques, ensuring a unique investment experience with promising outcomes.

Unveiling Unconventional Strategies:

1. Contrarian Investing: Herenya thrives on capitalizing on market sentiment extremes. Extensive statistical evidence supports the notion that buying into extreme pessimism yields significant short-term gains, while the converse applies to periods of excessive optimism. We strategically allocate cash reserves to seize upon these opportune moments.

2. Reacting to Research House Insights: Large research houses wield considerable influence over short-term stock movements. Herenya strategically trades on upgrades and downgrades issued by these entities, a tactic often overlooked by mainstream funds.

3. Navigating Index Rebalances: Through meticulous analysis, Herenya identifies and exploits opportunities arising from index rebalances. By tracking the entry, exit, and rebalancing of index constituents, we leverage liquidity shifts to our advantage, enhancing portfolio performance.

4. Harnessing Technical Analysis: While many funds disregard technical analysis, Herenya specializes in leveraging technical setups to generate alpha with minimal risk. Our adeptness in identifying and capitalizing on technical patterns provides us with a consistent stream of alpha-generating opportunities.

The Herenya Advantage:

– Uncorrelated Performance: Herenya’s investment approach remains detached from traditional market trends, offering investors a unique avenue for diversification.
– Resilience in Volatility: In times of market turbulence, Herenya excels, delivering robust performance that outshines competitors.
– Agility and Adaptability: As a boutique firm, Herenya possesses the agility to swiftly respond to market shifts. Our small investment committee facilitates prompt decision-making, a distinct advantage in today’s rapidly evolving landscape.

At Herenya, we redefine conventional wisdom, unlocking untapped potential in the world of investments. Experience the difference with Herenya Strategic Opportunities Fund – where innovation meets profitability.

Portfolio Objective

The Herenya Strategic Opportunities Portfolio aims to provide stable returns to investors seeking a medium to higher risk actively managed portfolio focused on the South African market.

Investor Profile

This portfolio is suitable for medium to higher risk-seeking long-term investors who are building wealth and seek access to our best ideas in the South African market.

Important Information

  • Minimum Investment: R 250,000
  • Portfolio Benchmark: JSE All-Share Index
  • Fee Structure: 1.50% annual management fee, with a performance fee of 20% of returns above the benchmark, calculated quarterly.

Herenya Global Long-term Equity Portfolio (Offshore Portfolio)

Low Volatility Returns

Our global equity portfolio, the Herenya Global Long-Term Equity Portfolio, harnesses two fundamental investment themes: Global Macro and Undervalued Equities. Overlaid with a sophisticated mean reversion system tailored specifically for the US markets, our approach ensures robust performance even in volatile conditions.

Global Macro Strategy:

The cornerstone of our investment philosophy is the Global Macro strategy, which identifies and capitalizes on early shifts in macroeconomic themes. By positioning our investors ahead of these pivotal changes, we aim to maximize returns while minimizing risk exposure. Early adoption of emerging trends presents unparalleled opportunities for substantial rewards with minimal risk.

Employing a comprehensive array of proprietary signals, including sentiment analysis, positioning metrics, and intermarket insights, our seasoned portfolio managers leverage years of market expertise to navigate constantly evolving landscapes. This proactive stance allows us to identify nascent trends and allocate capital judiciously, ensuring our investors remain at the forefront of global market movements.

Undervalued Equities Approach:

In tandem with our Global Macro strategy, we employ a disciplined approach to uncovering undervalued equities. Our team identifies stocks that have been overlooked due to past challenges or mismanagement, presenting compelling opportunities for value-driven investors. These equities typically trade below their intrinsic worth, offering a margin of safety that mitigates risk.

Harnessing our proprietary Macro signals, we validate potential investments to ensure they are poised for sustained growth and have favourable tailwinds in the foreseeable future. This process enables us to capitalize on undervalued assets while minimizing downside risk, thereby enhancing the resilience of our portfolio.

At Herenya, we remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering superior long-term returns through a blend of proactive macroeconomic insights and disciplined value investing. With a focus on risk management and value creation, our Global Long-Term Equity Portfolio offers investors a robust foundation for achieving their financial objectives.

Portfolio Objective

The Herenya Global Long-term Equity Portfolio aims to provide stable returns to investors seeking a medium-risk offshore equity portfolio denominated in US Dollars.

Investor Profile

This portfolio is suitable for cautious long-term investors who are building wealth or protecting capital, seeking access to our best ideas globally, excluding South Africa, without taking excessive risk.

Important Information

  • Minimum Investment: $35,000
  • Portfolio Benchmark: All Country World Index
  • Fee Structure: 1% annual management fee, with a performance fee of 20% of returns above the benchmark, calculated quarterly.

How to Invest

To invest in either portfolio, please use the application form on this page, or contact us directly for more information. We’re here to assist you in making informed investment decisions and achieving your financial objectives through our expert asset management and managed investment services.

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