Month: May 2020

Weekly game plan 31 May 2020

Perhaps that market is trading higher on Robinhood accounts fueled by free money from the U.S. government, or short covering leading to massive buying volume as bearish traders get caught with their hands in the cookie jar? From a fundamental perspective, it does not make sense to us how world markets can be trading towards the highs while the world is still in the process of collapsing.

Weekly game plan 24 May 2020

It would seem that even though the world is feeling a little better about the coronavirus, fears and uncertainties around the trade relations between the U.S. and China are flaring up again. Moreover, it seems that relations between China and Hong Kong could be a negative catalyst that could bring some risk off sentiment into the market. Overall our feeling is still slanted toward bearishness.

Weekly game plan 17 May 2020

It is sometimes difficult to remain objective when it comes to market analysis. The more we look at charts, the more bearish we become. This might not be the right outlook as it could just be various forms of biases that we are unable to overcome. The primary objective of any investor or trader is to remain objective and see things for what they are, not as what we would like for them to be.

Weekly game plan 10 May 2020

The market mechanics are starting to feel broken again… Equities are halfway to completing a V-shaped recovery, Tech stocks in the US are green for the year (this part makes sense actually), Volatility is coming down fast and markets are calming down. All this while the global economy has basically shut down and literally millions upon millions of people around the world has lost their jobs…? Also, bitcoin halving taking place next week. Careful of the bull trap.

Weekly game plan 3 May 2020

Once again we focus on pure technical analysis this week by simply focusing on the charts and setups. The overall market is still a very noisy place and thus we feel that simply looking at what that ‘maps’ say is the wiser course of action at this stage.

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