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Trading should be taken very seriously. It takes a tremendous amount of work, time and discipline to do it successfully. We are not here to tell you that it is easy and that you will quickly see results. Rather, we are here to provide you with an environment in which you can benefit from collective learning and sharing of experience. The HCA trading community is a professional environment for traders to function as a team. We share tools, information and ideas freely within our community while focusing on the process of identifying and taking trades, and strictly managing risk. Our traders work hard to constantly improve their trading and we work hard to support and guide them in a safe and responsible manner.

Within the HCA trading community we make the environment and tools available that enable our traders to:

Track and evaluate trading setups as they emerge

Know which setups are ready to trade and which are still forming

Measure success rates of specific trading setups

Trade the setups that you know have a higher probability of success

Record and analyse trading results

Measure success rate, identify and correct mistakes

Identify strengths and weaknesses

Play to your strengths and avoid mistakes

Receive daily market research and up to the minute news

Download documents and get push notifications on our team server

Discuss trading ideas and setups within a peer group 

Form part of a team that takes trading as seriously as you do

Continuously learn more advanced trading skills

Get educational resources and be part of a team based learning approach

Benefit from professional guidance by licensed stockbrokers

Get sound advice from experienced financial services professionals

To gain access to and be integrated into our community and team, you must have an active account with Herenya that meets our minimum deposit requirements.
Community members are expected to contribute to the overall wellbeing and productivity of the team. There are no free rides, if you want to take trading seriously, you have to take trading seriously.
These rules are put in place in order to ensure that members of our community do not take on excessive risk that they cannot afford. 

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We know that every trader is unique and therefore we have a variety of different accounts and fee structures available for our traders to choose from.

Accounts that match your requirements

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