Trade with a team who takes trading as seriously as you do.

Our traders, strategists and clients work together in a team based trading environment that supports individuals on their journey to consistently profitable trading.

HCA trading passion led us here

Setting the standard for trading support

Trading should be taken very seriously. It takes a tremendous amount of work, time and discipline to do it successfully. We are not here to tell you that it is easy and that you will quickly see results. Rather, we are here to provide you with an environment in which you can benefit from collective learning and sharing of experience. The HCA trading community is a professional environment for traders to function as a team. We share tools, information and ideas freely within our community while focusing on the process of identifying and taking trades, and strictly managing risk. Our traders work hard to constantly improve their trading and we work hard to support and guide them in a safe and responsible manner.

Why trade with us?

Trading community

Our traders, strategist and clients work together in a team focused on identifying trades and managing risk.

DMA trading platforms

We prefer to trade directly into the market and have a variety of DMA trading platforms available.

Low cost trading

Low cost trading options for high frequency and professional traders.

Continuous learning

Regular training sessions inside our community to help our clients improve their trading skillset.

Accounts suited for you

Herenya Capital Advisors offers a range of trading accounts to suit the needs of both short-term traders and long-term investors. Whether you are just starting out in your trading or investment journey, or you are a seasoned veteran, Herenya Capital Advisors accounts can give you access to great fee structures and a wide variety of trading instruments.
Newer Traders
  • Recently started trading
  • Actively learning
  • Shares and ETFs
  • CFDs and futures
  • Easy access platform
  • Mobile trading apps
  • Educational resources
  • Community support
Long-term investors
  • Long-term investment accounts
  • Shares and ETFs
  • CFDs and futures
  • Complex trading instruments
  • Easy access platforms
  • Mobile trading apps
  • Detailed portfolio reports
  • Low cost trading
  • Educational resources
  • Community support
Experienced Traders
  • Professional or semi-professional
  • Low cost trading
  • CFDs and futures
  • Complex trading instruments
  • Easy access platform
  • Mobile trading apps
  • Educational resources
  • Community support
Foreign currency denominated
  • International transfers
  • Offshore investment
  • Foreign currency denominated
  • Low cost trading
  • Complex trading instruments

Are you ready to get started?

Pro Trader

Best for:

Our Pro Trader accounts offers traders access to global markets from one locally held, Rand denominated account. Our basic account is well suited for traders who are looking for a low cost access point to local and international trading instruments (there is no need to take money offshore in order to trade offshore instruments in this account). The basic account is also well suited for long-term investors who require a low cost local equity account to hold and construct their long-term share and ETF portfolios in. The basic account is a great all-rounder and possibly the best starting point for newer traders, while still remaining a firm favourite amongst many experienced traders.

Trading instrumentBrokerage rateMargin rateMinimum trade charge
JSE listed equities and ETFs0.30%100%R150
CFDs on JSE listed equities0.20%10% – 25%R50
SAFEX listed index futures (ALSI)R206% – 8%R20 per contract
Trading InstrumentBrokerage rateMargin rateMinimum trade charge
US listed equitiesUSD 3 cents per share100%USD 20
Other offshore listed equities and ETFs0.35%100EUR 15
US listed equities CFDsUSD 3 cents per share5%USD 15
Other offshore listed equities CFDs0.15%5%EUR 12
Trading InstrumentTrading InstrumentMargin rateMinimum trade charge
Offshore index CFDsSpread based1% – 6%1 – 10 points*
Commodity CFDsSpread based2% – 10%2 – 30 points*
Forex CFDsSpread based1%1 – 135 pips**

* Spreads vary according to instrument being traded, e.g. US500 spread = 1 point.
** Spreads vary according to instrument being traded, e.g. EUR/USD spread = 1 pip

  • Minimum deposit: R 50 000.00.¹
  • Monthly account fee: R 125 p/m.
  • JSE listed CFDs with direct market access.
  • Access to global markets in a ZAR based account.
  • CFD funding rate: SAFEY +3.5% for long positions and SAFEY -3% for short positions.

¹Save to trade program available.

What happens inside our trading community?

Track and evaluate trading setups as they emerge

Know which setups are ready to trade and which are still forming

Measure success rates of specific trading setups

Trade the setups that you know have a higher probability of success

Record and analyse trading results

Measure success rate, identify and correct mistakes

Identify strengths and weaknesses

Play to your strengths and avoid mistakes

Receive daily market research and up to the minute news

Download documents and get push notifications on our team server

Discuss trading ideas and setups within a peer group 

Form part of a team that takes trading as seriously as you do

Continuously learn more advanced trading skills

Get educational resources and be part of a team based learning approach

Benefit from professional guidance by licensed stockbrokers

Get sound advice from experienced financial services professionals

Open your trading account and join our team today

Want to trade international markets and options?

Interactive Brokers

Best for:

Our Interactive Brokers account offering is best suited for traders and investors who require low cost access to international markets where funds, shares and derivatives are held in an offshore account. Through our international broking partner we are able to offer over 100 000 different trading instruments, on 36 exchanges in 26 countries, all through one account. These accounts are held offshore and are funded in a foreign currency of the trader or investor’s choosing. 

Trading instrumentBrokerage rateMargin rateMinimum trade charge
U.S. listed equities and ETFsUSD 1 cents per share100%USD 2
Canada listed equities and ETFsCAD 2 cents per share100%CAD 2
U.K. listed equities and ETFsGBP 12 + 0.1%100%GBP 12
Germany listed equities and ETFs0.20%100%EUR 8
Forex0.40%100%USD 4

*There are  too many instruments to be able to list them all here.
**CFDs, Futures and Options all have similar fee structures, although mostly require only 25% margin.

  • Minimum deposit for active day traders (HFT): $ 30 000.00.
  • Minimum deposit for swing traders and long-term investors: $ 5 000.00.
  • There are no monthly account fees and no custody fees for this account. 
  • Direct market access and over the counter options available on thousands of different instruments.
  • Monthly live data subscription costs are charged per exchange required.

Want to send money offshore?

Foreign Currency Account

Best for:

The Foreign Currency Account (FCA) allows clients to make fast and cost-effective offshore transfers, as well as, trade in a variety of different Forex instruments and send, receive and hold foreign currency in a locally held foreign currency denominated account without having to convert to Rand. 

Trading instrumentBrokerage rateMargin rateMinimum trade charge
Physical Spot FX0.50%100%N/A
SWIFT feesR500N/AN/A
Trading instrumentBrokerage rateMargin rateMinimum trade charge
Non-Deliverable Forward (NDF)R10 per $10005% – 8%N/A
Rolling Forward DatedR10 per $10005% – 8%N/A
Forex OptionsVariable PremiumN/AN/A

Are you a professional, full-time or high frequency trader?

Low cost CFD

Best for:

Our low cost CFD account is best suited for more experienced traders who trade very frequently. The low cost CFD account grants traders access to only JSE listed equities CFDs and therefore traders cannot trade other instruments through the account. All JSE listed equities CFDs available in the low cost CFD account are traded via direct market access.

Traders are able to open an overnight or intraday account (or both) and will benefit from the very low fee structure. The overnight and intraday accounts are separate accounts that must be funded separately. 

Trading instrumentBrokerage rateMargin rateMinimum trade charge
Overnight JSE listed equities CFDs0.12%10% – 25%No minimum
Intraday JSE listed equities CFDs0.06%10% – 25%No minimum
  • Minimum deposit: R 100 000.00.
  • At this stage there is not monthly fee for the account as our prime broker is not charging a monthly fee.²
  • CFD funding rate for Overnight account = SAFEY +3.5% for long positions and SAFEY -3% for short positions. Overnight positions not allowed on the Intraday account.

Not sure which account is right for you?

Let us help you choose the best account for your individual need.

*Take note:

To gain access to and be integrated into our community and team, you must have an active account with Herenya that meets our minimum deposit requirements. Community members are expected to contribute to the overall wellbeing and productivity of the team. There are no free rides, if you want to take trading seriously, you have to take trading seriously. These rules are put in place in order to ensure that members of our community do not take on excessive risk that they cannot afford.

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