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Trade directly from the world’s best charting platform by joining our exclusive, high-performance client community today. Benefit from ongoing support and a community of traders to share ideas with, learn from and form friendships with. All underpinned by the best charting tools available and trading directly from TradingView.

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How to connect TradingView

1. Sign up for a Herenya Trading Account.

Open your trading account with Herenya quickly and easily.

2. Choose Herenya on TradingView Panel.

After logging in to your TradingView
account, select charts then Trading Panel. Choose Herenya and click “log in”. Or navigate to Herenya’s broker page and click “Trade”.

3. Sign in with your Herenya login details.

Use your Herenya account login credentials and embrace the power of TradingView charts!

Gain access to our community

The HCA trading community is a team environment for traders who are serious about markets. We share ideas and learn from each other. We push each other to work harder and to keep improving by consistently evaluating our own individual and collective performance. We identify what we each are good at and what we are not, and we focus on improving on our key strengths while working to eliminate our weaknesses. Trading financial markets successfully requires a keen focus on process and the support and cooperation of a team. Our team of traders strive to constantly learn and improve their trading by leveraging off each other in an harmonious team environment. 

Our traders get:

HCA trading community

Share ideas with other traders in a supportive, but serious community.

Reliable trading platforms

Access to a variety of the most capable and reliable trading apps and platforms.

Well priced trading fees

Our brokerage account options helps both traders and investors reduce costs.

Global market access

Trade in almost any instrument, market and country around the world.

Guided trading

Learn in a focused environment and receive advice and guidance from professional traders.

Entrepreneurial mindset

We keep pushing the boundaries of what a brokerage service should be, and keep finding new ways to help our clients succeed.

One account, Global reach

Get access to global markets from one locally held, Rand denominated account. Our account is well suited for traders and investors who are looking for a singular access point to both local and international trading instruments (there is no need to take money offshore in order to trade or invest globally).

South African Markets (DMA)

Trading instrumentBrokerage rateMargin rateMinimum trade charge
JSE listed equities and ETFs0.50%100%R200
CFDs on JSE listed equities0.35%10% – 25%R100
SAFEX listed index futures (ALSI)R206% – 8%R20 per contract

Offshore Markets (DMA)

Trading InstrumentBrokerage rateMargin rateMinimum trade charge
US listed equities0.50%100%USD 20
Other offshore listed equities and ETFs0.50%100EUR 30
US listed equities CFDs0.30%5%USD 20
Other offshore listed equities CFDs0.30%5%EUR 30

Over the counter CFDs

Trading InstrumentTrading InstrumentMargin rateMinimum trade charge
Global index CFDs including JSE Top 40 CFDSpread based1% – 6%1 – 10 points*
Commodity CFDsSpread based2% – 10%2 – 30 points*
Forex CFDsSpread based1%1 – 135 pips**

* Spreads vary according to instrument being traded, e.g. US500 spread = 1 point.
** Spreads vary according to instrument being traded, e.g. EUR/USD spread = 1 pip

Note: Additional execution premiums apply to OTC instruments. Please see comprehensive fee schedule for details.

Base costs and minimum deposit

  • Minimum deposit: R 500.
  • Monthly account fee: R 200 p/m.
  • JSE listed CFDs with direct market access.
  • Access to global markets in a ZAR based account.
  • CFD funding rate: SAFEY +4% for long positions and SAFEY -3% for short positions.

We offer two tiers of accounts: Standard and Premium.

  • Standard clients are charged 0.35% for CFDs and 0.50% for equities.
  • Premium clients are charged 0.20% for CFDs and 0.30% for equities and enjoy access to all premium channels.
*Some of the channels in our community are restricted to Premium clients only. These “Premium” channels include a channel in which our team shares the trades that we do for our two managed portfolios, allowing clients to get direct and first-hand access to when and what we trade for our managed clients.

To qualify for Premium, clients can meet any one of the following criteria:

  1. Have R 500,000+ in their trading account.
  2. Trade more than R 5,000,000 JSE nominal value per month.
  3. Invest R 250,000+ in one of our managed products.

Take note:

To gain access to our community, you must have an active account with Herenya. For premium (lower) brokerage rates, clients need to meet certain minimum requirements as stipulated above. Please contact us if would like to know more about the differences between Standard and Premium.

Professional Day Trading accounts

If you are a Professional Day Trader, trading in either the U.S. or on the JSE, contact us for more information on our Day Trading offering.

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