Low cost CFD account

Our low cost CFD account is best suited for more experienced traders who trade very frequently. The low cost CFD account grants traders access to only JSE listed equities CFDs and therefore traders cannot trade other instruments through the account. All JSE listed equities CFDs available in the low cost CFD account are traded via direct market access.


JSE CFDs – Overnight account0.12%10% – 25%No minimum
JSE CFDs – Intraday account0.06%10% – 25%No minimum

Market Data and Tradng Platform

Clients are able to trade their intraday and overnight accounts by making use of the iress Viewpoint trading platform and mobile app.



JSE Equities Level 2 – Non-Professional End User

No Charge


If you keep a Cash CFD position open overnight (after 10pm GMT), we will make an interest adjustment to your account to reflect the cost of funding your position. The interest adjustment is based on the interbank funding rates.



We charge 3.50%* above the relevant interbank rate, e.g. SAFEY.
For example: If the relevant interbank 1-month rate is 0.50%, you would be charged 4.00% (annualised).

You receive the relevant interbank rate, minus 3.00%*.
• If the interbank rate is greater than 3.00%, we credit your account.
• If the interbank rate is less than 3.00%, your account is debited.
For example: If the relevant interbank 1-month rate is 0.50%, you would be charged 2.50% (annualised).

Minimums and Conditions

  • Minimum deposit: R 100 000.00 per account.
  • Accounts are independent from one another and must be funded separately.

*Take note:

To gain access to and be integrated into our community and team, you must have an active account with Herenya that meets our minimum deposit requirements. Community members are expected to contribute to the overall wellbeing and productivity of the team. There are no free rides, if you want to take trading seriously, you have to take trading seriously. These rules are put in place in order to ensure that members of our community do not take on excessive risk that they cannot afford.

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