Advisory services

Herenya Capital Advisors strives to support both investors and traders with the tools, services and structures that they need in order to successfully navigate markets. These requirements often go beyond the scope of just great trading platforms and fee structures and include everything from tax efficient structures to house investment or trading accounts, to private equity investments and professionally structured investment portfolios. 

Structured portfolios

Our market strategists aid long-term investors with constructing both local and offshore equity portfolios that assist them with meeting their unique investment objectives. Herenya Capital Advisors has a fresh, opportunistic, entrepreneurial and non-traditional approach to portfolio construction and long-term investment. We are future oriented in our thinking and advise and assist investors with long-term offshore and local equity portfolios. 

Structured offshore portfolios

Every individual has unique investment goals and therefore requires a unique portfolio. We partner very closely with our clients in order to understand how they view the world and how best we can support them in achieving their investment goals. We leverage our network and undertake the extensive research needed to find unique and exciting investment opportunities in the global arena that match our clients appetite for risk, time horizon and desired returns. 

Structured local portfolios

The Herenya Capital Advisors’ analysts boast extensive knowledge and experience within the South African market. We conduct thorough research and construct local portfolios from a global perspective, while keeping in mind our clients individual investment goals.

Tax consulting

Herenya Capital Advisors’ specialist tax consultant and Registered Tax Practitioner is uniquely positioned to aid investors, traders and corporates with a variety of tax consulting services.

We assist individuals, companies and trusts compile and submit both provisional and annual tax returns. We understand the complexities of tax reporting for traders, investors and commission earners. We are also able to assist salary earners with their tax returns.

We assist investors and traders with accessing their annual offshore investment allowance by doing the tax clearance application on their behalf, as well as, facilitate the offshore transfer at a fraction of the cost charged by more traditional intermediaries. For traders who are making regular offshore transfers for the purposes of investment or arbitrage, we are able to offer easy and very cost effective solutions.

We help you structure your tax affairs in order to become as tax efficient as possible. Whether that is by making use of an offshore trust-company hybrid structure, or a local company or trust structure, our tax specialist will consult with you in order to ascertain which structure will best suit your individual requirements.

We draft your trust deed, lodge and register the trust at the Master of the High Court’s offices, as well as, directly deliver the original Letter of Authority and documentation to you. We are also able to make amendments to your existing trust deed and lodge the new trust deed at the Master of the High Court’s offices on your behalf.

Herenya Capital Advisors’ specialist tax consultant has an excellent record of successfully handling tax disputes. Our specialist tax consultant will attend to the Tax Board and Tax Court on behalf of clients, in conjunction with their attorneys or auditors.

We assist you with formally noting yourself as a non-resident for tax and exchange control purposes in South Africa. We adhere all requirements under the Income Tax Act No.58 of 1962 to ensure that you are a non-resident in accordance with South Africa’s tax residency tests and ensure compliance with all exchange control regulations for non-residency.

In addition to the tax consulting services above, we are also able to assist with:

  • Foreign investment tax certificates
  • Corporate accounting, payroll and taxes (income tax, provisional tax, PAYE and VAT)
  • Statutory services
  • Financial statements
  • Company registrations
  • Funding agreements
  • Valuations
  • Preparation for private equity investment

Tax consulting made easy

True to our entrepreneurial nature, we aim to make our tax consulting services as easy to use as possible. Therefore we have created an online store where you can easily access our services.

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